Terms of Service

Here in this page, all usage of the words “we”, “us” and “our” refer to Full Time Hosting (“FTH”). The content of this Terms of Service is a legally binding agreement for any account holders of FTH. These policies are subject to change at any time, although the customer will be informed by email. Find the content below for a description of our Terms of Service. In case of uncertainty about anything including but not limited to our Terms of Services, FTH should be contacted before ordering anything.


Client Registration


Registering with or using incorrect or fake personal details may lead to permanent account termination. FTH might ask you for ID verification and make a phone call to the phone number you provided to ensure that the given details are correct to prevent fraud and abuse. We might ask for ID verification at any time during your contract with us. Having multiple accounts is prohibited and will result in a permanent suspension of all accounts.

We reserve the right to terminate and cancel any client and service at any time, and not to provide services to anyone, without giving any reason or explanation.


Service Abuse and Acceptable Use


By using FTH services, you agree to not abuse systems or networks in any way that may harm the usability of other client services or harm outside networks or individuals. We have a zero-tolerance policy for abuse. We also work with security organizations in order to deal with abuse cases accordingly. Below is a non-exclusive list of actions considered abusive, but is not limited to. Any doubt should be referred to our abuse department for evaluation.

Actions considered abusive, but not limited to:

  1. Host or distribute malicious or inappropriate files.
  2. Targeted harassment towards individuals (invasion of privacy) (“DoXing”), retaining any personal information against them without their consent. This may also include hateful and/or racist content or any type of discrimination.
  3. Carry outbound network attacks (DoS), malicious network scanning or host malware (e.g botnet).
  4. Host, share or use anything copyrighted, illegal or cracked without the permission of the owner, including server license cracking (e.g TeamSpeak servers, forum software, etc.).
  5. Host ToR exit nodes.
  6. Host fraud, phishing, gambling/lottery sites or software.
  7. Send unsolicited e-mail spam.
  8. Host any kind of nudity, abusive, pornographic, offensive, illegal, or inappropriate, controversial, racist, violent, sexually explicit, erotic, extremist or drug content.
  9. Use the Full Time Hosting services for any abusive activities on the internet.
  10. Host a VPN as they are usually the reason behind most of the DMCA notices and abuse. Using our services to protect yourself while gaming is prohibited.
  11. Host anything that’d attract network attacks that are not officially supported (e.g VPN) or attack our network intentionally. Please open a ticket if you are unsure whether we can protect your application or not. We reserve the right to suspend anything that attracts attacks and causes disruptions to our network.
  12. Usage of any forms of resource abuse that may cause harm to other clients (e.g cryptocurrency mining).
  13. Set rDNS to something which promotes illegal activities such as hacking, DDoS, drugs or anything inappropriate.
  14. Utilize 100% of allocated cores for an extended period of time on a shared service (Virtual Private Server (VPS), Game Cloud, Web Cloud). If you run software that requires high CPU usage on a constant or unusual basis, please contact us beforehand.

Doing anything of that may lead to the suspension of your service or your account being terminated along with all services associated with it depending on the severity. Repeated violations will result in all services associated with your account being terminated without prior notice. You, the customer, are fully responsible for your servers. If you’re reselling our products, you will be held accountable for any violation of our terms.


Abuse Handling Policy

Anyone who believes there is a violation of the policies above are encouraged to direct that information to our Abuse department at [email protected]

When the complaint is received, our team will analyze it and a follow-up is then made. Sanctions may vary from a simple warning to complete account termination.




Refunds may be granted within 14 days of the activation of your Virtual Private Server, Web Hosting or other services, with a valid reason. The service needs to be untouched. Refund requests must be submitted through a support ticket. You may cancel your service at any moment using our control panel.

The service will be suspended 24 hours after the service is due and all data will be deleted related to the service will be permanently deleted 48 hours after the service is suspended. We are not responsible for reminding you to pay invoices, you must keep records of your due dates and pay service invoices on time to avoid termination.




Our affiliate system is aimed at providing clients a chance to receive account credit in exchange for referring us to new customers and promoting us. Payouts will be given via account credits unless otherwise stated. The validity of referrals will be verified by our team before the payout. We reserve the right to deny withdrawal requests for any reason. Withdrawal requests must be submitted through a support ticket.




Account details must match those provided by the payment method. Account registration and order placement must be executed from the client’s residential IP address. We reserve the right to reject your account registration or your order. In this case, a full refund will be given, unless the payment is not refundable (e.g cryptocurrency).

All services will be billed pro rata. Due dates will always be on the first of the month.
Orders placed before the 27th of the current month will be billed at the cost of the remaining days left of that month and will be due on the first of the following month.
Orders placed on or following the 27th of the month will be billed the remaining days of that month plus the entirety of the following month in a single invoice.




We are not required to respond to queries asked elsewhere than our official support means (e.g control panel or email at [email protected]). As we are an unmanaged provider, we are not required to respond to support requests regarding software-related issues.


Account Privacy


We require all clients to maintain correct billing information, including their full name, accurate billing address and email address. We collect information at the time of registration and order including full name, address, e-mail address, and phone number. All information is used solely for transaction purposes and to better service you upon support requests. The client is required to keep their details up to date at all times. Modification of account details will require a support ticket and will be validated. All billing and data transactions are sent via SSL. Please also refer to our Privacy Policy.


Data Responsibility

The client is responsible for his/her own data. We are not responsible for any data, nor anything that could happen to the server. We are not required to provide any backup in case of data loss.

Backup the data on a daily basis for all the servers as we are not bound to provide any data backup. We will not be held responsible for the loss of data in case of any failure.

Customers can use the “backup feature” in our control panel to back up their data to another server via FTP but we don’t provide any kind of data integrity.


Refund Policy

If a customer contacts Full Time Hosting through an email to [email protected] or via the ticket system page in the control panel within 14 days of the first subscription payment, Full Time Hosting will issue a full refund of that payment and shut down the service.

In all other cases, Full Time Hosting does not offer refunds unless Full Time Hosting cancels a service forcibly (against a renter’s wishes) and the account is in order (no ToS violations).

Account Credits are non-refundable and not transferable. Account Credits do not expire. Cryptocurrency payments are not eligible for refunds.


In case of any chargebacks, Full Time Hosting reserves the right to terminate the client’s service without any notice. Full Time Hosting may not provide any refund for that service and may not allow the client to use any other Full Time Hosting service depending on the severity. Full Time Hosting may also refuse to provide any services in the future to the client for fraud prevention.


Updated on August 16th, 2020