Customers have relatively unrestricted control of their servers and web hosting, but there are limits to what we can allow on our end to maintain fairness to all and keep prices low.

Those Terms of Service are listed below. This list is subject to change, so renters should check it frequently. Any violation of the Terms of Service may result in the service being terminated depending on the severity.

General Terms and Conditions
Registering with or using incorrect/fake personal details which includes but are not limited to: customer's name, phone number, address, post code etc will lead into permanent account suspension. Moreover, we might ask for ID verification for the new account approval and to prevent abuse and fraud. We might ask for ID verification at anytime during your contract/active product & services with us. Full Time Hosting will not be held responsible for any damages done to your business/e-business or loss in any sales. Customers are fully responsible for their servers. If you’re selling/reselling our product/services, you will be the one held accountable for any illegal activity carried out by your “customers”, “friends”, “brothers” etcetera on the rented servers. Full Time Hosting reserves the right not to provide service to anyone without giving any reason or explanation. In case of uncertainty about anything including but not limited to ToS, Full Time Hosting should be contacted before buying anything.
This section applies to all services offered by Full Time Hosting. The customer IS NOT/MAY NOT:

We reserve the sole right to decide which content is inappropriate or deemed offensive and we reserve the right to terminate any active service which goes against our ToS.

VPS/VDS are limited in the following ways. Clients MAY NOT:
Web hosting accounts are limited in the following ways. These limitations are in place to restrict the ability for compromised websites to be exploited and for the web hosting to be used for tasks other than web hosting; clients can request exceptions from Full Time Hosting through if they feel that they will exceed them through normal operation. Clients MAY NOT:

We reserve the right to terminate your account in case of violation of our ToS.

Data Responsibility

Refund Policy