Terms Of Service

Customers have relatively unrestricted control of their servers and web hosting, but there are limits to what we can allow on our end to maintain fairness to all and keep prices low.

Those Terms of Service are listed below. This list is subject to change, so renters should check it frequently. Any violation of the Terms of Service may result in the service being terminated depending of the severity.

This section applies to all services offered by Full Time Hosting. The customer IS NOT/MAY NOT:

Allowed to upload any copyrighted material, to the server, without the permission of the owner.
Allowed to upload and install any modifications which have a negative effect on the server performance.
Allowed to upload files which have no connection to the functionality of the rented server.
Use the Full Time Hosting services for any abusive activities on the internet.
Allowed to upload abusive, pornographic, offensive, illegal, or inappropriate content.


VPS are limited in the following ways. Clients MAY NOT:
Run any outgoing DDoS/attacks
Anything that could affect the performance or other clients
Host pornographic, excessively violent, or illegal materials
Use pirated software
Host tor exit nodes, fraud, phishing, gambling/lottery sites
Generate unsolicited e-mail spam, malicious network scanning, bruteforce
Torrent illegal content

Web Hosting

Web hosting accounts are limited in the following ways. These limitations are in place to restrict the ability for compromised websites to be exploited and for the web hosting to be used for tasks other than web hosting; clients can request exceptions from Full Time Hosting through [email protected] if they feel that they will exceed them through normal operation. Clients MAY NOT:
Run any process on the server whose execution lasts 60 seconds or longer, apart from FastCGI, Ruby on Rails, and PHP-based scripts run through Apache, and included shells, file transfer utilities, and text editors run from the command line
Run any process that uses more than 5 full minutes of "CPU time", regardless of how long it runs in "real time"
Run more than 100 processes at once, per account
Use more than a gigabyte of resident memory at a time, per account
Be logged in via SSH or FTP more than 10 times at once, per account
Display or distribute pornographic, excessively violent, or illegal materials
Have open more than 20 remote (non-local) connections to the MySQL server per remote IP address

Data Responsability

The client is responsible for his data. We are not responsible of the data, nor anything that could happen to the server. We are not required to provide any backup in case of data loss. Refund Policy

If a customer contacts Full Time Hosting through an email to [email protected] or via the ticket system page in the control panel within 24 hours of a subscription payment that did not involve any coffer funds and which was made automatically two weeks or more after its subscription was created, Full Time Hosting will issue a full refund of that payment and shut down the service.

In all other cases, Full Time Hosting does not offer refunds unless Full Time Hosting cancels a service forcibly (against a renter’s wishes).